Wartune Hack 2014 | Latest Update #5 – 100% Working – Bugs Fixed!

Wartune hack 2014


Sorry guys for the late update, I’ve got few responses about the wartune hack patched, and I made a new one. Because I love to play with the game, and I love to share new stuff with you guys. So, here is the 5th update for my wartune hack tool. This is a 2014 version. The hack has got a new layout it was nescessary because I want to make the hack more clean and easy to use. I hope you will like the new layout please make some responds about that. Which one you prefer, something like that. Bascicly I don’t have to re-write to whole wartune hack program, just few things needed to be overwrite. I testing the tool since last week, and I solved the problems. Here the issues that I solved:

- Blinking application when you try loading the program. (Win 8 users)
- The new numbers are only visible for minutes and their gone
- Wartune game crashed after the refresh says „doesn’t respond”

I glad to use none of my users experienced any signs of ban. Happy to say my wartune hack is very safe to use. Just make sure you following these safety steps.

1. Use for hacking an alternate browser.
2. Clear the cookies before/after the procedure.
3. Don’t close the program until the progressbar working.


If you keeping these rules you’ll be fine. The new features are almost done. I talked about them somewhen in the past. As I said I’m working on it, it’s almost done but it’a pretty buggy. For example: when I using the level hack it’s generate a random numbers. It’s pretty annoying when you’re on level 56 and gives you a level 43. It’s more like a down-level hack right now. Ha-ha. But the good news is. The main method is working and usable, just need to be fixing up some things, and will be fine.


Back to talking about my newest version of wartune hack. The using of the tool is the same. Just follow the video tutorial (soon). If you have any problems just leave a comment below. I hope you won’t be. For the final words, please make sure you following everything right before you asking. Everything is in this guide, give attention. Good luck to using my wartune hack, and have fun with the game! Tell your friends if you like it!


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Wartune Hack Tool 2013 – Update #4

Wartune hack tool 2013 – Update #4


Wartune hack tool 2013‘s 4th update include some great new upgrades, and rebuilds. The Stream connection system has been rebuilded. There was some problem when you refreshed the browser and the values didn’t shown up. That’s the past, all features are working well. The progressbar’s speed has improved by 2.6 sec. So, now the wartune hack is a little faster than before. These are little changes, but they make big differences at overall. The tool is still free to use. Please don’t share it anywhere else on the internet, because the hack will oversaturated and won’t work at the future, and I have to make an another update. The wartune hack tool has been downloaded by 328 times, and I received great, positive responds about the hack tool. My co-workers still use this type of hack, and I really proud of it.

Now you can use anytime you want. I mean, there’s a hidden function in the program which allows you to hit values when you’re in a battle for example, or in trading. I want to make a new update in the future to create a trading hack bot. But it’s a bigger project, and I don’t kow how many people want to do something like this, I guess of many! Wartune hack tool 2013 going to be a full all-inclusive cheat package. I have more secret features in my pocket for the next few weeks, so keep in touch about this information. I don’t want to say more words than this download Wartune hack tool 2013.


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Free Wartune Hack with video proof

Hey guys!

I posted a video about wartune hack. check it out!


[FREE] Wartune Hack | 2013 ] Latest Update on 2013. 07. 06. – 100% Working from Michael Steel on Vimeo.


Follow the guide and learn how to hack wartune. It’s very easy, everyone can do it I guess, If not, just leave a comment what’s wrong. You can leave a comment if it works of course. Just enjoy this wartune hack.

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Download Wartune Hack

After several feedbacks, I updated the wartune hack, so now you can download the tool from the link below. What this update does? It fixes the “online stream” missmatch. It appears when you ran some anti-virus and firewall programs at the background. The wartune hack had some issues when you tried to refresh the browser didn’t recognize at all.

WartuneHack Proof



All these issues are fixed, so I can say the tool is working well again. All you have to do is download the new program. Be careful don’t use the tool if you’re in a pvp battle or in trade. The hack won’t work. Just run the wartune hack when you doing nothing. It will work as well. Share this program to your friends if you want, if you want to use just for your personal usage, it’s okay. The program will giving you extra gainings in the game. If you thinking it’s unethical just avoid to use my tool. This wartune hack is a real and working one, so se it wisely. Overuse the application may effect some banns and etc. Run several tests before you’re going to be use on your main account. Just an advice.

There’s a virus total proof posted one post before, you can check it if you want. Happy playing with wartune hack.

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Wartune Hack [2013] – Wartune Hack Tool

Wartune Hack

Working Hack for Wartune


Wartune is a free browser game from Aeria Games! Wartune is free to play, right from your browser! You don’t have to download the game to play. You only have to do to make work to your hack is download Wartune hack, and follow the instructions. The download is easy (Direct Link). You don’t have to install the Wartune hack. Just start from the zip file or after the extract. Both ways are working.


Wartune hack

WartuneHack Proof

[TUTORIAL] how to hack Wartune:

1. Download the hack

2. Open the game in your browser. Whatever is your browser type. But I suggest to use Chrome.

3. Click on “Game Active”

4. Select your values (coins, diamonds, ect.)

5.  Wait until the progressbar done!

6. Enjoy your hacked coins, diamonds and other goods.

Here is VirusTotal proof for Wartune hack


Download Wartune hack under the Wartune picture by clicking download. This hack has no cost, so you don’t have to pay anything to use. Share this site if you like it to your friends. Free Wartune hack for everybody!

Some details of the game:

You can play in three unique classes. Archer, Knight, and Mage.

Quick Time event system.: This mean the combat in the game is more interactive, and realistic than a turn-based system. There are room for pvp battles too. You’re able to play 1on1 or in a group battle. You will never get bored because Wartune has over 20 daily main, and bonus quest in a day. Anyone can join into these quests, and you’ll never have to be play alone, and murder animals or something like that. Every single day the game spawning new bosses randomly.

Happy playing!

Use Wartune hack as your own.

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